Transport Services

PC Transport, Inc specializes in transporting LP Gas Products such as Butane and Propane that we move from remote locations to Process Plants throughout the region, including but not limited to Wyoming, Montana, Utah, North & South Dakota, Colorado and Nebraska. We have the capability to move LP Gas from single loads a day to large scale movements involving multiple loads a day. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with Management on call after hours and weekends to make sure all Customer Service requirements are met.

We also transport Crude Oil Stocks from remote field locations to common Pipeline Stations. We are not an Oil Buyer but a transporter of these oils. We have an outstanding relationship with one of the largest buyers in this region and they use our services to insure that their needs are being met. Crude Oil Transporting drivers need to be exceptionally qualified. They are really put to the test entering a lease on rugged terrain and dealing with adverse weather conditions. They are required to perform duties that include gauging and testing at the lease.

PC Transport, Inc also hauls Asphalt Products including Emulsions and PG. With a recent slowdown of availability in product, asphalt transporting has slowed but with two new Emulsion Plants - one in Casper, WY and one in Cheyenne, WY - we look forward to an upswing in product and look forward to providing services for these customers.

The Ethanol business has steadily been growing over the past few years and has provided us with the opportunity to transport Natural Gasoline Liquids to numerous Ethanol Plants in Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming. We look forward to the continued expansion of Ethanol and are excited to increase our transporting services in this area.

As a company we are unique in the fact that our Management Group is available at anytime and all of our employees are extremely knowledgeable in their particular field. Our customers are of great value to our business and we always are eager to address their needs and concerns. With all this combined it all adds up to success.

We Transport

  • Butane
  • Propane
  • Crude oil stocks
  • Asphalt Products such as Emulsions and PG
  • Natural Gasoline Liquids